Shipping & Return policy

Shipping and Product Delivery Policy
The shipments will be made to areas worldwide, as defined in the shipping regulations (except for a few localities, which we will not be able to reach, in which case the product delivery coordination will be made by phone).

Shipping prices are defined in the shipping regulations.

If the customer chooses the option of self-collection of the item from the company’s warehouses, the customer will not be charged a shipping fee. It is not possible to select the self-collection option if the order has been placed and the item has already been shipped. If the customer is interested in collecting the item from the company’s warehouses, it is their responsibility to coordinate the collection of the products with the company.

If a delivery option is selected, the delivery will be made to the address provided during the registration process unless otherwise stated. If the address provided is to a business, the name of the business must be stated in the order.

The delivery of the products will be made through a shipping company as determined periodically and will be in accordance with the delivery terms customary with that company. If delivery is delayed or not possible for any reason (security situation, weather, etc.), the company will find an alternative solution acceptable to both parties.

The company will make the final decision regarding the cancellation of each shipment.

The company reserves the right to update the shipping prices periodically, as necessary.

Product return and order cancellation

An order made on the website can be canceled (except for special orders as detailed below) as long as the products have not been shipped by the company or anyone on its behalf to the address provided.

The notice of cancellation of the order will be made by telephone.

A product that arrived at the customer’s home and was not used and is complete in its original packaging can be returned to the company within 14 days by delivery to the company (delivery will be paid for and performed by the customer). The responsibility for returning the product in its entirety and a proper manner applies to the ordering customer.

The shipping cost for returning the product is NIS 39 and will be deducted from the credit due to the customer for returning the product.

The credit card to which the transaction was charged will be credited with the price of the returned product, less the said shipping cost.

The shipping fee paid will not be credited.

If an order has been placed for a special product, in which the customer requested that special changes be made to the product, for the customer only, or an order for a product that is not currently in stock, it will not be possible to return this product, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.