Privacy Policy

Prices, products, and ordering
Before placing the order on the “CINCOTREND” website, the customer will be asked to enter their full name, e-mail address, telephone number, and address. At the time of booking, the customer will be asked to provide the credit card details with which they will make the purchase and the ID card number of the credit cardholder.

Credit card details and the ID number are not stored in the website’s database.

Details of the purchaser of the products and the security of the website
When placing an order to purchase products through the website, the purchaser will be required to enter personal details, order details, credit card details, etc., in the system (below – the Details).

The owners of the website and/or those who operate it and/or any of its managers and/or those on their behalf are not responsible for the mistake made by the purchaser when entering the details.

Also, the above will not be directly or indirectly responsible for any case in which the purchase details are not received in the system and/or for any technical and/or other problem that prevents operations on the website.

Typing false details is a criminal offense. Legal action will be taken against submitters of false details, including tort claims for damages that may be caused to the website and/or the website owners and/or to any of its operators and/or to any of its managers and/or to those on their behalf. In the event of the incorrect entering of details (including the purchaser’s personal details), the company and/or anyone on its behalf reserves the right to reject the offer.

The details of the operation on the website, including the details of the offer and the details of the purchaser, but except for the credit card details, will be transmitted using an encrypted security protocol (SSL), commonly used in e-commerce, to the server on which the website is operated.

These details will not be passed on by the company and the website operators to external parties, except as necessary to complete the purchase operations performed by the purchaser. In payments made via the internet, the purchaser will provide the credit card details directly to the clearing company without those details going through the company at any stage of the purchase.

In telephone purchases, the purchaser will provide the credit card information to the company representative, and the representative will enter them directly into the clearing company’s servers without keeping the details in the company’s hands. The company reserves the right to use the information provided by the purchaser (excluding credit card information) for the purpose of analyzing statistical information.

In any such case, the information will not be personally attributed to the person performing the operation, and they will not be identifiable in any way.

The store may send e-mails messages to the person performing the operations and contact them in writing or orally with any information regarding the company’s promotions, innovations on the website, advertisements from selected commercial entities, etc., unless the purchaser notifies in writing that they are not interested in receiving those messages.