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Our Story

It did not just happen. I was just almost born in a bag…

As the third baby out of four to a working mother, I spent my infancy in her small bag store, drawing out scents, sensations, designs, and lots of women’s voices, which were probably engraved into my unconscious memory.

CINCO’s ambition is to find the product with the ideal design, which will combine fashion, functionality, quality, and comfort, will be made of very soft natural materials, with a velvety and caressing feeling, for use throughout the day and evening, and at an affordable and friendly price.

CINCO SOFT TREND contains all the desired features, and at the same time manages to maintain simplicity as an added value, and brings a variety of models to the global market – ones that will make women notice all the design features.

The materials, leather-like, granular, soft and pleasant PU, with an emphasis on being vegan, and maintaining the ecological balance in the world.

Our customers, women aged 18 and over, are very active; they are working, studying, they are mothers, professionals, fashion lovers and trendy women, but do not give up all brand values in the terms of quality and functionality.

An Israeli brand with Latin origins and flavors, fashionable and up-to-date, but at the same time classic, soft and colorful, offers a product mix that is constantly renewed, and will not repeat models, so once you liked something, all that is left is to place your order.

The sale is only through the website, which allows us to show the models in use through atmospheric photography, as well as all the angles and features through meticulous product photography.

Exclusive online sale, allows us to bring top quality bags, with an unbeatable pricing method, with prices that do not change, do not drop and do not rise.

I enjoy my path, and you will enjoy the bags!!